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Carpet cleaning at Funeral Directors Chiswick

A recent job at the funeral directors in Chiswick.  Used a low moisture carpet cleaning approach as it was important the carpets dried quickly.

Carpet cleaning marketing in Fulham, Battersea and such

While checking out the websites of other carpet cleaning companies in Fulham and Battersea I noticed that they are nearly all claiming to be family businesses with 35 years experiance. 

What constitutes a family business?  Is it simply having a family?  Who knows but I've yet to see any dad and lad carpet cleaning businesses around london.   

As for 35 years experiance in carpet cleaning you must be having a laugh.  Most of the carpet cleaners are lucky if they are 35 years old.

In short there are some spurious claims in the marketing of carpet cleaning services.  No suprise there then. 

Carpet Cleaning Con!!

I've had two of my customers informing me over the last couple of days that a company has phoned them out of the blue offering to clean any 2 carpets for £8.99!!  Now that's cheap.  How do they do it?  The following is taken from some carpet cleaning forums I frequent

'I wanted to know more so I applied to work there, Ian the GM told me that "your sales skills and personality persuades the customer that they need stain removal, deodorizing,protection and other services"  You get a van, prochem machine and no training for 140 /week .. you give the company 40%  of your takings'

So basically it's a con.  Switch and bait is what it's termed.  Once they get a foot in your door they'll try every trick in the book to persuade you that a basic clean is not sufficient to clean your carpets.  Your bill will rise into the hundreds of ££££'s instead of £9.99.  If you insist on the cheap clean you'll receive the following, according to this customer

'they turned up at our house with what looked like a rug doctor and cleaned the lounge carpet with water. Apparantly that's what you get for the £8.99' 

That's right folks, water!  While I'm sure that 90% of carpet cleaners in Fulham, Battersea and such are legitimate, honest pros it's worth bearing this in mind when you next book a carpet cleaner.






I wanted to know more so I applied to work there, Ian the GM told me that "your sales skills and personality persuades the customer that they need stain removal, deodorizing,protection and other services"  You get a van, prochem machine and no training for 140 /week .. you give the company 40%  of your takings .



Video of carpet cleaning pre-spray aggitation. Carpet Cleaning Fulham

I was cleaning a rather dirty carpet the other week in the Fulham area.  The above video link shows the benefit of using the envirodri e-40 for aggitating pre-spray prior to steam cleaning. You'll notice that by the end the carpet looks considerably cleaner.  That's before the main cleaning.

Tomorrow I'm in the Battersea area of london.  I'll try and capture some more video of the carpet cleaning process. 


Carpet Cleaning Drying Times - London

Carpet cleaning drying times is perhaps the most frequently asked question in carpet cleaning.  The answer to this question is based on the type of carpet, the environment, type of equipment and the experiance of the carpet cleaner.  And a bit guesswork!!

Firstly, synthetic carpets dry quicker than wool carpets.  The reason is that cleaning solution penetrates the wool fibres while with synthetic - basically plastic - carpets it sits on it.  This allows the cleaning solution to be more fully extracted by the carpet cleaning process.  What's left drys quicker also.

Now the environment.  If carpets are cleaned on a dry, windy day and there's a flow of air through and over the carpets then they will dry very quickly.  One common assumption with customers is that turning up the heating and keeping the windows closed helps.  This isn't the case and can pro-long the drying process.  The moisture needs to escape.  Keeps windows open.

The equipment used is another factor.  Modern Professional machines have more powerefull vacuums for extracting cleaning solution than rental machines and older machines.  This leaves less solutioin in the carpet and enhances drying times.  Excess moisture left in the carpet is also drawn to the surface.  Again, quicker drying.

The final factor is the carpet cleaner.  An experianced professional carpet cleaner knows the optimum amount of cleaning solutions to apply.  Too much solution may penetrate the carpet backing and even the underlay.  This leads to major problems with drying times and shrinkage.

The above covers some of the main factors which determines the drying times after carpet cleaning.

If pressed to generalise on drying times I always quote 4 - 12 hours.  Never had any problems from irrate customers yet and I've been cleaning carpets in London for over five years!






Carpet cleaning Fulham this morning

This morning I was carpet cleaning in the Fulham area of london.  Delayed slightly by traffic at Battersea I arrived slight late to find the carpet that needed cleaned was still wet!  Wet from what?  The customer had tried to clean the carpet themselves using a hired carpet cleaner from a store in fulham.  The problem with hiring a carpet cleaning machine is that they lack the power to clean your carpet properly.  They can leave the carpet full of cleaning solution and prone to re-soiling rapidly.  That is the main problem of do it yourself carpet cleaning.  This customer in Fulham had thought they would save money.  They ended up paying twice for a clean carpet. 

I'm cleaning carpet in fulham later on in the week.  Tomorrow I've a few jobs in Chiswick and Battersea.

Carpet Cleaner London - Photos from a recent carpet clean in Brixton

These are a couple of pictures from a recent carpet cleaning job in Brixton.  The stair carpet was absolutely filthy.  Cleaning a carpet like this is time consuming and the results are never perfect.  The combination of heavy soiling and wear and tare limit the results.  I was reasonably happy with the outcome here. 

Carpet Cleaning in Fulham yesterday -

Had a filthy end of tenancy carpet clean in fulham yesterday.  Nearly walked away when the customer refused to accept that some of the stains on the carpet might not come out.  This is standard procedure when stains have been there for many months and the customer is not sure what caused them. 

This is particularly true when the customer has tried to clean the carpet themselves.  Often they cause further problems and set the stain before you even get near it.

On this occasion the result was positive and the carpet came up well.  I'm back in fulham tomorrow.  Let's hope it's not another shocker. 



Black Friday!!!!!!(x3)

That's 3 weeks in a row that something has went wrong with my van.  The alternator 2 fridays ago,  the clutch box last week and the clutch again this friday.   Apologies to the 2 customer in fulham who's job I cancelled for today.  Shoul be back working on monday.  Think I'll stay at home next friday!!!

Carpet Cleaning London - What are those black lines around the skirting boards?

One of the most frequently asked carpet cleaning questions I've come across.  What are those black lines?  The answers is as follows -  

This type of soiling is called Soil filtration or draught marks . Its the airflow contaminants that are trying to pass through a door, the crack in the wall or gaps in floor boards. This contamination is similar to what you find in your air conditioning filter.

As the air passes through the edge of the carpet pile, the microscopic  soiling is deposited there, (hence the term filtration soiling). This build up occurs over a extended period of time and is not noticed until a build up has occurred.

This type of soiling is very difficult to remove because the soil particles  are so fine that they penetrate deep into the carpet pile, sometimes into the backing of the carpet. So even when you remove them from the pile you may still see the stained carpet backing. 

Removing this type of soiling is very difficult and requires special cleaning agents to assist in the process.

To help prevent soil filtration, vacuum(with a good vacuum) and wipe the edges of the carpet on a regular basis.

Chris - Carpet Claning London



Carpet cleaning in west london - Cleaning heavily soiled traffic lanes

Although I predominantly clean carpets in south west london I also cover most parts of west london.   Yesterday I was in west kensington cleaning the carpets of a 4 bedroom house with a lovely heavily stained beige carpet.  The stains were worse in the living room with the expected traffic lane soiling (which usually needs special attention)  How is this problem dealt with?

The standard approach is to use a stronger carpet cleaning solution or specific traffic lane cleaner on these sections of the carpet.  I'll maybe use a dilution rate of 1:10 as opposed to 1:40. Agitating the pre-spray into the carpet is critical in this scenario.  It gets the cleaning solution into contact with all the ground in dirt which lies within the carpet.  To do this I use an envirodri e40 machine(see picture)  This machine is in a class of it's own for agitating carpet cleaning pre-spray.  It's got plenty weight in it in comparison to it's rivals, or the humble brush, and the benefits are noticable.   The carpet is also brought back to life a bit with the lifting of the pile.  The white brushes you see simply rotate at high speed.  You get a variety of brushes.  Stiff ones for more commercial synthetic carpets to really soft ones for expensive wool carpets.

At this point a decent dwell time is needed.  Maybe 15 minutes to allow the cleaning solutions do their work.

Now is the part of the carpet cleaning process that the customer is familiar with.  The name for this process is Hot Water Extraction.  Most customers call it steam cleaning.  Hot water is injected into the carpet pile and extracted.  This rinses out the cleaning solution along with all the dirt and such that ruin the appearance of many a carpet.   Sometimes a cleaning agent is added to the rinse.  Other times it's just water.

The above is how I approached the dirty carpet in west london yesterday.  The result were terrific.  The customer delighted.

Chris (carpet cleaning in west london)

Carpet cleaning in Kingston today - Another bloody parking ticket!!!!

Had a pretty crap start to the week today.  Recieved a parking ticket while having a quick look a carpet I was quoting on.   I must remember not to under-estimate the  determination of these parking attendent officer type people.  £50 for viewing a carpet that I might never clean.   That sucks.  The day picked up from there as the two carpet cleaning jobs in wandsworth and earlsfield were without problem(basically they were quite clean to start with) 

Cleaning a carpet (with a stain) in putney - They really dont listen!!!

Yeah, I had a small job in Putney the other day.   Customers carpet was generally very clean, apart from two stains.  Having looked at them I advised the customer that they looked permanent.   Despite this I tried a variety of stain removal techniques without any success. After steam cleaning the carpet and accepting payment I packed up and headed home. 

To my suprise the customer called me that night complaining that the two stains were still there and enquiring as to what point there was in having carpets steam cleaned.  They also questioned why no actual steam was used to clean the carpet.  This was despite explaining the principles of steam cleaning to the customer prior to the job starting ie it does not use steam.

What have I learened from this experiance?  Well, I'd have to say not a lot.  You explain processes to the customer and the likely outcomes and they still find scope to question your integrity and professionalism. 

Carpet cleaning Putney




Carpet Cleaning in Wandsworth yesterday - Carpet very stained

Was working in the wandsworth area of london yesterday.  The carpet clean had been booked in for weeks and I recall the customer stating the carpet was in an ok condition.   I quoted a price for cleaning it based on this.

I was very suprised when I arrived and found that the whole carpet was covered in a variety of stains.   Not only that but the carpet was a cream colour.  The bottom line is that cleaning a carpet like this takes much more effort and time.   I explained this to the customer and explained that the price for cleaning the carpet would be 30% more than I had initially quoted.  fortunately the customer understood the situation.  Quoting for carpet cleaning can be difficult.  The alternative is to visit each job beforehand.  When you consider the traffic in places like wandsworth you realise why I quote over the phone for carpet cleaning.





Carpet Cleaning KT1. Unseen dangers in 'clean carpet'

Was working in KT1 yesterday cleaning the carpet for an End of Tenancy Clean.  Althought the carpet did not look particularly dirty, due to it being a dark green colour, it held significant amounts of dirt.   The effect of steam cleaning this carpet was that it went from a dull green to a bright looking green.  

The thing about carpet cleaning is that customers forget that carpets act as a kind of filter in your home.  They trap dirt, dust, dust-mites and other things.  These are the things that cause havoc with peoples health.  Especially people with allergies.  That's why it's a good idea to clean them regularly.  It improves the quality of the enviroment within your home.  Call your local carpet cleaner now!!!!!

carpet cleaner KT1



Carpet cleaning SW20 - cleaning carpets in sw20 today

today I was carpet cleaning in sw20.  The carpet was fine apart from the bottom set of stairs. Although they were filthy I manged to make them presentable. sometimes thats all you can do.  The customer was satisfied with the outcome.

Carpet cleaning SW20

Vauxhall Carpet Cleaner - Carpet Cleaning in 3 bedroom apartment in Vauxhall

Today I cleaned the carpets of a 3 bedroom apartment in Vauxhall.  The customer had had a party over the weekend and needed the carpets thoroughly cleaned.   The worst area was the dining room where a variety of drinks and  food had been spilt.  The biggest difficulty around vauxhall is getting parked.  Access is crucial with all the carpet cleaning equipment.

Althought the carpet looked ruined a lot of it was very superficial.   A good vacuum removed most of it. This is an essential part of carpet cleaning.  Many rental properties have very poor vacuums in them.  They remove very little dirt from the carpet.  By the time a carpet cleaner arrives the carpet fibres have been damaged beyond repair. 

 This was followed by applying a standard carpet cleaning pre-spray, aggitate and extract(what most customers call a steam clean)

The results of the carpet cleaning were better than this customer in Vauxhall expected.  They were exactly what I was expecting.

Carpet cleaner Vauxhall 30/6/09

Carpet Cleaning Ealing - Was cleaning carpets in Ealing today

Was cleaning the carpet of a one bedroom rental property in Ealing yesterday.  It was passed to me when the previous carpet cleaner had failed to remove some stains in the livingroom.  However this wasn't the biggest problem with this Ealing job..  The previous clean had left large marks around where the  carpet cleaner had attempted to remove the stain. 

After checking the ph of the carpet fibres it appears the carpet cleaner had forgot to rinse the area with an acid rinse.  This was giving the impression of bleaching(white marks) around the treated areas.  Simple really.

Steam cleaned the area with an acid rinse and collected payment.  A far easier carpet cleaning job than I had initially feared.  Back in ealing next week cleaning another carpet for the customer.

Carpet Cleaning Ealing 17/6/09






TW8 Carpet Cleaner - Cleaning carpets in TW8 today. Difficult Customer!!

Arrived at a job in TW8 today to find that the customer had done some DIY carpet stain removal.  The problem with these type of cleaners is that, generally,  they have a very high ph level.  Basically they are closer to bleach than anything else. 

What tends to happen is that people apply the carpet stain remover onto a stain.  All fine and well. What they don't know is that they need to neutralise it and extract it.   Without doing this it tends to cause bleach marks on woolen carpets. 

On this occasion the customer complained that she wasn't happy with the clean.  This was despite the fact that I had explained the likely outcome ie that there would probably be permanent marks caused by their attempts at stain removal.  After a 10 minutes discussion she apologised and paid up.

Carpet cleaner TW8 15/6/09


TW1 Carpet Cleaner - Cleaned a carpet in TW1 yesterday

I cleaned the carpet of a 4 bedroom house in TW1 yesterday.   The carpet in the large semi in TW1 was a well used axminster carpet that the customer had fitted about 10 years ago.  Despite parts of the carpet being well worn it cleaned brilliantly.  The customer had obviously taken good care of it and had used carpet cleaning to maintain the carpet.  Carpet cleaning is essential to this.

Apart from the general ware and tear there were only a handful of spot marks.  These waterbased spots were removed with the standard steam carpet cleaning.   This was a good example of the benefit of investing in quality carpets.  10 years on and there is no need to consider replacing them.  

This TW1 customer was delighted with the carpet cleaning and vowed to recommend me to others in the TW1 area.

Carpet Cleaner TW1 14/6/09

SW15 Carpet Cleaner - Carpet cleaning in SW15 this afternoon

Cleaned the carpets of a 4 bedroom house today in SW15.  The last time I was in SW15 the carpets I was cleaning were terrible.  This time I was delighted. The carpets were about one year old and - except from a couple of water based spots on the stairs - were in excellent condition.   The good condition was due to this SW15 resident using a carpet cleaner on a regular basis.  With regular carpet cleaning carpets can last much longer.

The clean took half the time of a standard carpet clean so I gave the customer a 20% discount.  Hopefully this will get me more work in the SW15 area. 

Carpet Cleaner SW15



Carpet Cleaning E1 - Cleaning carpets in E1 today

My first job today was cleaning the carpet of a rental property in E1.  The carpet, a fairly worn synthetic carpet with heavy soiling, had various cigarette burns and an iron mark(burn marks on carpets in rentals from irons is very common)  Carpets like this make carpet cleaning tough. 

Despite this the outcome was satisfactory.  Obviously the ciggie marks and iron burn mark remained so it still looked far from perfect.  On a positive note the carpet pile was lifted and the heavy soiling removed.  From E1 I headed home.

Carpet Cleaning E1 10/6/09




W12 Carpet Cleaner - Carpet cleaning a 2 bedroom rental property in W12

Was working in W12 yesterday cleaning the carpet for an End of Tenancy Clean.  Althought the carpet did not look particularly dirty, due to it being a dark green colour, it held significant amounts of dirt.   The effect of steam cleaning this carpet was that it went from a dull green to a bright looking green.  

Customers forget that carpets act as a kind of filter in your home.  They trap dirt, dust, dust-mites and other things.  These are the things that cause havoc with peoples health.   That's why it's a good idea to clean them regularly.  It improves the quality of the enviroment within your home.

Carpet Cleaner W12 5/6/09


W7 CARPET CLEANER - Carpet cleaning in W7 this morning

Had a couple of carpets to clean in W7 today.  The first was a studio flat above shops where the carpet had a variety of stains on it.   Used a strong mix of eco-friendly microsplitters to tackle this.  Applied it hot and aggitated it into the the carpet using my Enviro-dri E40 machine.  This machine really loosens the dirt etc within carpets and gets the cleaning solution in amoungst the dirt and stains.  After about 15 minutes dwell time I steam cleaned the carpet. 

The finished result was excellent.  All the stains were gone.   Customer delighted.

Carpet Cleaning W7 6/6/09





Carpet Cleaning in Merton today - Carpet Cleaner Merton

My second job of the day today was in Merton.  Was pleased to find a carpet that needed a simple maintenance type clean.  The carpet had been protected and there was not one stain.  Was in and out in 2 hours.  Not bad for a 3 bedroom house.

Carpet Cleaner Merton 4/6/09


Carpet Cleaner Balham - Cleaned a stinking carpet in Balham today

The carpet I cleaned in Balham today was a stinker.  Not cleaned in many a year by the look of it.  The carpet was covered in grease and had many stains.  Explained to customer that they should use a carpet cleaner every 6 - 12 months. 

Considering how bad it was - it took twice as long as normal to clean the carpet -  I'm pleased to say the customer was delighted with the results.  Can't argue with that.

Carpet Cleaning Balham 4/6/09

Eco Carpet Cleaner London - Eco Carpet Cleaning in London

Alba Carpet Cleaning uses eco friendly cleaning solutions to clean your carpets and upholstery.  The benefits are many.  Both to your home and the environment.  In short, we use non-toxic cleaning solutions that are safe for the enviroment, the home and the kids!!

We made the transition to using eco friendly cleaning methods in 2007. 


Carpet Cleaner Brentford - 3 bedroom house carpet cleaned in Brentford

Was working in Brentford this afternoon cleaning the carpet of a regular customer who lets this property.   The tenants moved out and left the carpet in a terrible condition.

While most of the stains were removed there were some which wouldn't shift.   The landlord has decided to replace the carpet out of the tenants deposit. 

Carpet Cleaning Brentford 30/05/09


TW9 Carpet Cleaning - Cleaned carpet in a 1 bedroom apartment in TW9

Was cleaning carpets in TW9 today.  This carpet in TW9 was a light brown wool mix carpet and had not seen a carpet cleaner for a few years.   There was general traffic lane soiling on the carpet as well as a couple of water based stains.  To avoid the buil up of soil in the carpet, carpet cleaning should be carried out approximately every 6 months.

The carpet cleaning process removed the main stains with ease while the traffic lanes looked considerably better.   The customer in TW9 was satisfied with the outcome.  I received another carpet cleaning job from this customer.  Also in the TW9 area.



Carpet Cleaner TW9 30/5/09


Carpet Cleaning in KT10 - Cleaned a lounge carpet in KT10 today

The lounge carpet I cleaned in KT10 today was a complete mess.   However, after giving it a good hoover it didn't look too bad.  There were now only about 3 stains to be treated.  These water-based stains were removed easy enough and the customer delighted.

25/5/09 KT10 Carpet Cleaner


KT9 Carpet Cleaner - Cleaning Carpets in KT9 today

Was working in KT9 today.   The customer had carpets in a three bedroom flat to be cleanrd and 2 sofas.  The carpet was well worn in areas, with some stains near the kitchen.   The carpet came up well , although the worn areas remained much about the same.   The sofa was a beige colour and in good condition.   Gave it a clean and protected it with scotchgard.


KT9 Carpet Cleaning 25/5/09

Kingston Carpet Cleaner - Carpet cleaing in Kingston today

Was called to a house in Kingston today to remove a fresh wine stain,   The wine was spilt the previous evening.  The customer had cleaned up some of it the previous evening so it was a a simple enough.  Customer was happy witht the results.


Kingston Carpet cleaner 24/04/09



Redhill Carpet Cleaner - Cleaning a stained carpet in Redhill RH1 today

Today I spent the morning in RH1, Redhill, cleaning a very stained carpet. The property had been rented out for over two years without the carpet being cleaned..  The tenant had not looked after the property or the carpet.  There were wine stains, coffee stains and more. 

The resulting clean brought the carpet up to an acceptable standard.  Unfortunately not all the stains were removed.  There was bleach marks where attempts had been made to clean it previously.  I explained to the customer they should have their carpet cleaned at least once a year.

Redhill Carpet Cleaner 21/5/09


TW19 Carpet Cleaning - Cleaned filthy carpets in TW19 on saturday

Cleaned a heavily stained biege carpet in TW19 on Saturday.  Was surprised how dirty it was as the customer had stated it was lightly soiled.   Guess it's all about individual perception.  The customer accepted a revised price as it took me twice as long as a standard lightly soiled carpet.  The resulting clean was as good as could have been expected.

Carpet Cleaner TW19 - 16/05/09


Carpet Cleaning in Ashford - Cleaned a 4 b/room house in Ashford.

Had a terrible carpet to clean yesterday in Ashford.   Took nearly 4 hours to get it to an acceptable level.   Customer seemed pleased.   The carpet had not been cleaned for 10 years.  There were various stains throughout the house.  Luckily the carpet responed.  They don't always when they're as bad as this one.


Ashford Carpet Cleaning 12/5/09

Ashstead Carpet Cleaner - Carpet Cleaning in Ashtead today

Was called to remove a fresh water stain from an expensive wool carpet in Ashstead today.  The customer's daughter had spilt it the previous night.  Acting fast saved the day as the stain was removed with ease.  


Carpet Cleaning Ashford 13/5/09 

KT13 Carpet cleaning in Weybridge - KT13 Weybridge

Was cleaning carpets in Weybridge KT13 yesterday.   The customer needed her carpets cleaned and sanitised.  The property had been rented out for over a year and the tenant had cats and a dog.  

Cleaned the carpet as normal - it was in quite good condition - and applied a sanitising agent to the mix as well.  

KT13 Weybridge carpet cleaning 5/05/09


Carpet cleaner Staines - Cleaning carpet in Staines yesterday

Was cleaning the carpet of a one bedroom rental property in Staines yesterday.  It was passed to me when the previous carpet cleaner had failed to remove some stains in the livingroom.  However this wasn't the biggest problem.  The previous clean had left large marks around where the  carpet cleaner had attempted to remove the stain. 

After checking the ph of the carpet fibres it appears the carpet cleaner had forgot to rinse the area with an acid rinse.  This was giving the impression of bleaching(white marks) around the treated areas.  Simple really.

Steam cleaned the area with an acid rinse and collected payment.  A far easier job than I had initially feared.  Back in Staines next week cleaning another carpet for the customer.


SM7 Banstead Carpet Cleaner - Cleaned carpet in 2 bed house in Banstead

Was working in SM7 Banstead yesterday cleaning the carpet of  a 2 bedroom rental property.   Arrived there to find nobody at the property.   After a 1 hour wait the letting agent arrive.   Fortunately the carpet was in great condition and needed a simple freshen-up. 

Banstead Carpet cleaner SM7 6/5/09


TW10 Carpet Cleaner - Successfull clean in TW10 today

Cleaned a heavily stained synthetic beige carpet today in TW10.  Used a heavy duty micro-splitter mix.  Agitated heavily with my e-40 pile-lifter/agitator and rinsed .  Removed 95% of the stains. 

Surrey Carpet Cleaner - Carpet Cleaning in Surrey most of the week

This week most of my carepte cleaning jobs have been in Surrey.  I've had jobs in  Surbiton, Teddington and Ditton amoungst others.   Work in in surrey cuts down on travel time so is always welcome.

Carpet Cleaner Surrey 30/4/09

Reigate Carpet Cleaner - Carpet cleaning in Reiate today

Today I had a last minute call to clean a carpet in Reigate.  Earlier in the day I had been cleaning carpet in Fulham and Hammersmith.  The customer had a cream wool carpet throughout the property.  The reason for the call was that the customer's dog had walked in lots of mud.   From the doorway into the lounge. They desperately need a carpet cleaner and I accepted the job.  Carpet cleaning on jobs like this is generally not a big problem as the customer has arranged cleaning as soon as the problem has arise.

Fortunately the carpet came up like new.   There was no sign of paw marks anywhere.  That was my second job this week in Reigate.  After that I headed back up the road to Battersea to return a rug I cleaned earlier.

Will be around the Chiswick area of London tomorrow carpet cleaning.


Carpet Cleaner Reigate 30/4


Tadworth Carpet Cleaner - Cleaned carpets of 3 b/room house in Tadworth

Arrived in Tadworth around 8.00 am this morning to clean the house carpets.  After an hour wait the customer arrived.  The house had an extremely old axeminster carpet through-out.   After inspectin it and checking for potential problems I steam cleaned it using a standard mix of micro-splitters.  Results were good.  Just shows that investing in good quality carpets pays off.

27/7/09 Tadworth Carpet Cleaning

TW12 Carpet Cleaner - Carpet and rug cleanig today in TW12

Was cleaning carpets in the  TW12 area of greater London today.  Cleaned a large rug as well as 2 bedroom carpets.  Cleaning a rug usually follows the same procedure as carpet cleaning.   The big thing to watch out for is color bleed. This is not to major a conern with cheap rugs  This is every carpet cleaners nightmare.  In five years of cleaning carpet in London I've yet to ruin a rug. 

The customer also wanted carpet protector for both the carpets and the rug.   One thing that customers need to remember is that protector is not an excuse to leave spilt drinks unattended because the carpet is protected.  The protector simply gives you time to mob up what you've spilt.  Carpet cleaning is easier if protector has been applied.  

I'm cleaning carpets in Clapham, Fulham, Acton and Battersea later this week.  I'm all over London. 

Carpet Cleaning TW12 27/4/09

Carpet cleaner Teddington - Cleaned a 4 bedroom house in Teddington

Cleaned the carpet in a 4 bedroom house in Teddington today.   Carpet was a dark brown wool carpet with various stains. 

Removed 90% of the stains with the intial clean.  The stain which wouldn't budge was one where the customer had used a high ph supermarket stain remover.   Seeing losts of this these days.  The bleach type marks remained.  

Carpet Cleaner in Teddington 27/4/09

KT4 Carpet Cleaner - Cleaning carpets in KT4 area today

Cleaned the carpets of a 4 bedroom house today in KT4.   Cleaned the carpet and stain protected it also.  Have started selling more protector recently.  Perhaps people want a bit more life out of their carpets.  Makes sense really. 

KT4 carpet cleaning


KT3 Carpet cleaner - Was working in KT3 today. The carpet was filthy.

Was called today to clean a carpet in KT3.  The customer stated that the carpet was slightly soiled but not too bad.  On inspecting it, it was, to put it simply, filthy.  Managed to clean it up to a respectable standard.  Guess it's all about perception.  What's clean? 

Carpet Cleaning KT3 25/4/09

Carpet cleaner Battersea - Cleaning carpets in Battersea

Cleaned a carpet in Battersea today.  The customer had black shoe polish on her bedroom carpet.  Removed the stain without problem.  In and out within 1 hour.   The property had great views towards battersea power station.  On leaving here I encountered a terribly dirty carpet in Fulham. 

Carpet Cleaning in NW6 - Cleaning carpets in NW6 today

Cleaned the carpet in a top-floor flat today in NW6.   That is the worst part of carpet cleaning in NW6.  Or parts of it.Taking the equipment up the three flights of stairs. 

The carpet was only six-months old and was faily simple to clean.  This NW6 customer had to have the carpet cleaning done as as a condition of their letting agreement.  This is standard procedure these days and provides lots of work for carpet cleaners.  In NW6 and beyond.

The downside can be the letting agents and their desire to hold onto peoples deposit.  People neglect their carpets for a year and then expect miracles.  When the agents retains part of the deposit they believe the carpet cleaner is part responsible.  I always point of the likely outcome of any carpet cleaning job.  I did this in this job and the outcome was positive.

NW6 carpet cleaner

nw5 Carpet cleaner - Carpet cleaning in London, NW5 today

Was cleaning carpets all day on Friday in NW5 area of London.  Normally I carpet clean in an area from Kingston up to areas such as Battersea and Fulham.  However, had 3 carpet cleaning jobs arranged through the one contact. 

All carpets were fairly standard synthetic carpets; standard in many rental properties.  All 3 required a strong mix of cleaning solution and significant amounts of aggitation.  These are essential steps in the carpet cleaning process; particularly in London rental properties.  The carpets responded well to the carpet cleaning. Tomorrow I am back cleaning carpets in Fulham and Wandworth.

NW5 carpet cleaning 14/4/09

NW4 Carpet cleaner - carpet cleaning in NW4 today

Cleaned the carpet in a youth centre last week in NW4.  The carpet was fairly worn in various places but, in general, it responded well to the cleaning.  Customer was happy with the results.  Will be returning every 6 months to keep it clean.

NW6 Carpet cleaning 15/4/09

NW3 Carpet Cleaner today - carpet cleaning in NW3

NW1 Carpet Cleaner - Carpet cleaning in NW1 last week

NW1 Carpet Cleaner

Cleaned a 4 bedroom carpet in NW1 last week.  Thorouhly filthy carpet it was.  The problem was that this NW1 resident had not cleaned the carpets professionaly for many years.  The carpet had high levels of stains and traffic lane soiling.  Generally cleaning this type of carpet takes about twice the time of a normal carpet clean.  It's important to have the correct equipment and knowledge to clean these types of carpets.  This carpet in NW1 was a challenge.

The results of this carpet clean were as good as could be expected.  Customer pleased with the outcome of my carpet cleaning efforts.  Will be back in NW1 next week. .



Tadworth Carpet cleaner - Carpet cleaning in Tadworth today

Was working all day in Tadworth the other day.  Had two jobs which took me the best part of the morning.  Both were simple maintenance type cleans.  This approach works because the carpets getting cleaned before there is a build of dirt etc which damages the carpet fibres.  I've been doin these carpets in Cobham for about two years now.


Carpet Cleaning Cobham 19/4/09

Cobham Carpet Cleaner - carpet cleaning in cobham today

Cleaned a three bedroom house in Cobham today.   The carpet was a faded beige synthetic carpet with various small food stains.

With a lot of preparation the carpet improved considerably.  Sometimes it's not possible to reverse completely years of spills etc


Carpet Cleaning Cobham  18/4/09


FELTHAM CARPET CLEANER - Carpet cleaning in Feltham today

Was working in Feltham yesterday.  Cleaned the carpets of a 4 bedroom semi which had wool carpets through-out.  This elderly couple had taken care of their carpets so this was a very unproblematic clean. 


Carpet cleanig Feltham 17/4/09

Hampton Carpet Cleaner - Working in Hampton today

Esher Carpet Cleaner - Carpet cleaning in Esher

Working in Esher today.  This 2 bedroom apartment in Esher was a rental property with a heavily stained synthetic carpet.   The tenants had spilt a variety of things on all bedroom carpets.  Removed  all but one stain.  Customer was pleased with the result.


Esher Carpet Cleaner 22/4/09

Ewell Carpet Cleaner - Carpet Cleaning in Ewell today

Cleaned the carpet in a 4 bedroom house today in Ewell.  Although the carpet was at least 15 years old it came up well.  Removed two oil based stains. 

Ewell carpet cleaning 15/4/09

carpet cleaning Hounslow - Cleaning carpets in hounslow today

Carpet Cleaning Hounslow

Was cleaning the carpet of a one bedroom rental property in Hounslow yesterday.  It was passed to me when the previous carpet cleaner had failed to remove some stains in the livingroom.  However this wasn't the biggest problem.  The previous carpet cleaner had left large marks around where they had attempted to remove the stain. 

After checking the ph of the carpet fibres it appears the carpet cleaner had forgot to rinse the area with an acid rinse.  This was giving the impression of bleaching(white marks) around the treated areas.  Simple really.  This often happens with diy carpet cleaning.

Steam cleaned the area with an acid rinse and collected payment.  A far easier job than I had initially feared.  Back in Hounslow next week cleaning another carpet for the customer.

Carpet Cleaning Hounslow 21/4

Walton carpet cleaner - Carpet cleaning in Walton today

Cleaned the carpet of a 4 bedroom property in Walton today.  The wool berber responed well to the cleaning process.  Customer delighted with the results.

Walton carpet cleaner 14/4/09

Carpet cleaner Penge - Carpet cleaning the the Penge area today

Removed a shoe polish stain from a carpet in Penge today.  One very delighted customer as the carpet looked ruined.

Penge carpet cleaner



Kilburn carpet cleaner - clean a carpet in 1 bedroom apt in Kilburn

The carpet I cleaned today was in a rented one bedroom property in Kilburn.  The customer required a carpet cleaner to removed candle wax from the bedroom carpet, as well a chewing gum.  I arrived at the property in Kilburn and had real problems getting parked.  This is a big problem due to all the carpet cleaning machines etc.  Kilburn can be bad for this.

I removed the the wax and gum from the carpet.  This is a fairly simple job for a carpet cleaner.  I'm back in Kilburn cleaning carpets next Monday.  Give me a call.

Carpet cleaner Kilburn.


Cleaning carpets in W2 - W2 carpet cleaner

Cleaned a 100% wool carpet in W2 today.  No major stains except draught marks at one side of the bedroom. Reduced these marks considerably.

W2 carpet cleaner on 8/4/09

W14 carpet cleaner - Cleaning carpets in W14 yesterday

Cleaned a living-room carpet in W14 today. The only stain - some oil based stain - was easily removed.  The rest of the carpet was a straightforward clean.

12/4/09 Carpet cleaning in W14

W10 carpet cleaner - Carpet cleaning a 2 bedroom property in W10

Cleaned a synthetic carpet in a rental property the other day in W10.  Came up like new.

W10 carpet cleaner 8/4/09

Carpet cleaner W9 today - Carpet cleaning in W9.

Cleaned a carpet in a  4 bedroom property in W9 today.  The traffic lanes were heavily stained but responded well to a strong mix of microsplitters and aggitation.  good result.

W9 carpet cleaner 9/4/09

W5 carpet cleaner - carpet cleaning in W5 today.

Today i was in W5 cleaning carpets in a 3 bedroom rental property.  The carpet to be cleaned was a beige wool carpet. This W5 customer had not cleaned the carpet for about 2 years.  The carpet was in a fairly good condition despite this.  To reduce the time between having your carpet cleaned vacuum regularly, use door matts and attend to spills on the carpet promptly.  This maintains the carpet.

This was my second carpet clean in W5 this week.   The other carpet clean required more attention as the carpet was heavily stained.

W5 carpet cleaner


w8 carpet cleaner - carpet cleaning in w8 today

Was in W8 cleaning a wine stained carpet.   On this occasion the customer done the correct thing and called a carpet cleaner immediately.  Stain removed.


Carpet cleaning W8

W8 Carpet cleaner

SE17 Carpet Cleaner today. 2 jobs in SE17

Cleaned a carpet in a 3 bedroom rental property in SE17 today.  The carpet came up like new.  Remove 3 stains.  The other was a two bedroom apartment.


SE17 Carpet cleaner 24/3/09

Docklands carpet cleaner - Carpet cleaning in e14 Docklands today.

Although I normally clean carpets in areas of London such as Fulham, Battersea, Chiswick and Wandsworth today I was cleaning carpets in Docklands.  I Cleaned a wool blend carpet today which looked older than it's years.  There was heavy traffic lane marks throughout the 2 bedroom apartment. 

As a carpet cleaner it is important to advise the customer of the likely outcome of the carpet cleaning.  Carpet cleaning cannot reverse years of traffic and lack of care on behalf of the owner.  It has always been my policy, in over 5 years cleaning carpets in London, to tell customers the reality.  On this occasion the carpet cleaning was a success with a huge improvement.  I'm back cleaning carpets in west London tomorrow.  Working in Fulham and Richmond.   Then later in the week carpet cleaning in Battersea and Wandsworth.

Docklands carpet cleaner 23/3/09

Carpet cleaner Epsom - carpet cleaning in Epsom today

Cleaned a carpet in a 1 bedroom apartment in Epsom today.  Simple enough clean. Some faint stains.  Removed easily.


Epsom Carpet Cleaner 23/3/09

Norbury carpet cleaner - Cleaning carpet in Norbury today

Cleaned a large lounge carpet in norbury today.  The carpet needed a simple maintenance clean and took approximately an hour.  As a carpet cleaner these are the types of jobs that you like.  Thr previous week I was called to clean a really dirty carpet in Norbury. 

Carpet cleaning varies from one extreme to the other.  Like many things in life.  This job in Norbury was a welcome relief as I;d had a very busy day.  Prior to cleaning the carpet in norbury I had been cleaning carpets in other parts of south london.

As a result of cleaning this carpet the customer has passed my number onto other friend and family in norbury and elsewhere.


Carpet cleaning Norbury, 21/3/09

Hendon carpet cleaner - Carpet cleaning in Hendon today

Today I spent the morning cleaning a three-bedroom property in Hendon.  Took me about 3 hours to clean the carpet. 


21/3/09 Carpet cleaning in Hendon

Carpet Cleaner Merton - 2 bedroom rental property in Merton

Cleaned carpets in a two-bedroom rental property in Merton.  This carpet was heavily stain in parts but responded well with heavy agitation.  The end result was positive and the customer happy.


Carpet Cleaner in Merton.  23/03/09

Dulwich Carpet Cleaners - Working in Dulwich yesterday

I was cleaning carpets in dulwich today.   More specifically Dulwich village.   The customer required the carpets cleaned after renting the property to students.   The carpet was heavily stained throughout the house. 

My approach when cleaning carpets like this - which happens in all areas - not just Dulwich, is to remind customers that carpet cleaning cannot totally reverse years of neglect.  Carpet cleaning can improve dirty carpets greatly but I never promise to remove every stain.  

On this carpet clean in Dulwich the cleaning was deemed a great success.  Not by me but by the customer.  The only problem was an old tea stain which the tenants had tried to remove themselves.   In short the person had set the stain by using DIY carpet cleaning products from the supermarket.  There is nothing much a carpet cleaner can do in those  situations. 

I'm back cleaning carpets in Dulwich next week on a recommendation from this customer.


Carpet Cleaner in Fulham SW6 today.

Cleaned the carpet of a three bedroom house in Fulham SW6 today.   All went fine - removed a couple of stains from the living room carpet - as well as some gum from the hallway.


Carpet Cleaning Fulham 26/2/09

Carpet Cleaner Tooting - 2 bedroom carpet clean in Tooting

Was called to clean a carpet in tooting the other day.   Unfortunately the carpet described as having a couple of stains was a complete mess.   Managed a huge improvement.  Much to the customers relief.

Carpet Cleaner Tooting 23/2/09

Getting carpets cleaner in Twickenham today

Was working in the shadows of twickenham stadium today.   Removed a variety water based stains from a cream coloured  livingroom carpet.   Hopefully the tenant will get their deposit back in full now.

Wimbledon Carpet Cleaner - Carpet cleaning Wimbledon today

Was cleaning the carpets of a four bedroom property in wimbledon today.  The job was fairly straight forward with standard soiling on the main walkways and occassional spot marks. 

The process of cleaning was to start with a good vacuum of the carpet.  This removes lots of dry soil from the carpet.  The next stage is to pre-spray the carpet with an eco-friendly cleaning solution.  The next stage is to aggitate the pre-spray.  This gets the cleaning solution in amoungst the carpet pile while also lifting the pile itself.  The final stage is to steam clean the carpet.  This removes the remaining soil.  This approach removed the spots and the soiling from the walkways.

The clean produced the desired results.  One clean carpet and a happy customer

Carpet cleaning Wimbledon 16/2/09

Carpet cleaner in the Brixton SW3 part of London - Great results on Trashed carpet

Was working in Brixton SW3 area of London this morning.   This carpet cleaner got great results on a trashed polyprop rental carpet.   Using a stronger than normal dose of micro-splitters, agitated thoroughly with Enviro-dry E-40,  the results were outstanding.  The carpet cleaning process requires the correct cleaning solution,  agitation(where necessary) and lots of dwell time.  After this has been done you can steam clean the carpet.  This is the carpet cleaning process that I apply.  

I'm in the Clapham area of london for a big carpet cleaning job tomorrow.   Also the Fulham and Putney areas of London as well. 



Carpet cleaning job in the Twickenham area of London yesterday

Was in the Twickenham area of South West London yesterday to clean carpets and upholstery in a three bedroom cottage type house.   The customer required carpet cleaning services as they were moving out of the property. 

The carpet was in a relatively good condition.  As a carpet cleaner in London you see all sorts of messed up carpet.  When carpet cleaning you need to explain to the customer before proceeding with the clean what to expect.  Some people fail to understand the limits of cleaning a  carpet.  Fortunatelys this was not the case today.  The carpet cleaned up well.

Tomorrow I'm in the Clapham and Kensington area of London.  One good aspect of cleaning carpets is getting to know all areas of London.






I was back cleaning a carpet in Hammersmith W6 today.   Nothing interesting to note apart from it was the first carpet I ever cleaned in London.   That's about 4 times I've been back. 


One of the most common reasons people call a carpet cleaner in London is to remove wine stain.  Yesterday I was in the Acton W3 area of London where the customer has made the fatal error - certainly on wool carpets - of buying an off the shelf supermarket stain remover.  Carpet cleaning after someone has used one of these can be difficult.

They're very high ph wise and often leave a bleach mark where they are used.   This can ruin your carpet.   Reversal of this kind of staining is near impossible regardless of how good you are at carpet cleaning.   A carpet cleaner will try and neutralise the stain and hopefully further stain removal treatment will remove it.  I have seen this throught London whilst cleaning carpets. 

Later in the week I am carpet cleaning in the Clapham and Hammersmith areas of London


Carpet cleaner Acton 6/2/09




SW1 Carpet cleaning - Why can't they all be like this.

Cleaned a near white carpet in a rental property today in Pimlico SW1 area.   The easiest carpet I've ever cleaned.  Absolutely spotless.

carpet cleaner Putney SW15

Was called to a carpet cleaning job in the Putney SW15 area of London today. It was a biege 80/20 wool carpet with quite a few stains from a party.  The problem for the carpet cleaner is that people try to clean the carpet themselves.  I have seen this in various parts of london such as Battersea and Fulham to mention a few areas of London.

The carpet cleaning process removed all but one of the stains.   Think it was an old wine stain which can be difficult to remove from wool rich carpets.  Carpet cleaning cannot solve all problems.  Later on in the week I an cleaning carpets in the Twickenham, Chiswick and Battersea areas of London.


Carpet cleaner Putney SW15 27/1/09


Cleaning carpet in Chiswick W4 today - carpet heavily stained.

What a nightmare of a morning cleaning carpets in the Chiswick area of London.   Arranged to clean the carpets of a 2 bedroom rental property in Chiswick, London. While I carpet clean in most parts of london I tend to work in areas such as Hammersmith, Fulham, Battersea and such. . 

The agent forgot - I think not - to mention that the whole living-room was one big stain.  The problems here is that it takes the carpet cleaner at least twice as long to clean the carpets.  I had to use the strongest dilution of microsplitters ever to clean these carpets..  The result?  While I didn't think it was perfect the letting agent was more than happy.  Job done I guess.  These people provide lots of carpet cleaning in London to companies like mine.

Carpet cleaning in Mayfair and Fulham

Carpet Cleaning in W1 Mayfair today.   The problem for carpet cleaners in this area of London is unloading and loading the carpet cleaning equipment.  This is a problem in most areas of london.  Not just for carpet cleaners.  Fortunately I got a space right in front of the office.  The job was cleaning the carpets in an office of approx 100m2. 

I used my new Enviro-dri E40 contra-rotating brushes for the first time in the carpet cleaning process.  Found they opened the carpet pile brilliantly.  They also agitated  the pre-spray well.   This makes the job for the carpet cleaner significantly easier.

 I was using prochem's Pure Clean to clean this carpet.   The carpet was typical low-profile office carpet.  The combination of the Pure Clean and the E-40 gave a great result on these carpets.  Carpet cleaning can is like everything.  You need the correct tools to do the job.

Followed this up with pretty easy woo-mix carpet job in the Fulham(sw6) area of London.   Over the next few days I'm in Battersea and Hammersmith.  I'm also cleaning carpets in the Chiswick area of London. 

New Flyers

Leaflets are being distributed throughout South West London from today.  They will also be delivered to Surbiton and Kingston.  Carpet Cleaning will be offered from £59 for a one bedroom apartment under the offer of any 2 rooms for £59( hallway cleaned free)

A copy of the flyer will appear shortly.

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