Carpet Stain Treatment.  We can treat all kinds of household carpet stains from wine to coffee.  London wide carpet stain removal service.

The removal of a carpet stain can save customers hundreds, and sometimes thousands of pounds.   We use a variety of products - and our wealth of knowledge - to treat carpet stains. 

You might notice that some carpet cleaners offer guaranteed stain removal. This is a misleading marketing  gimmick.  Some would say it is a ridiculous claim.  The reason for this is that some stains are permanent(a technical way of saying this is that the chemical composition of the carpet fibres has been altered) Carpet Cleaning will not reverse this process.  Prior to treating a stain we will advise you of the chances of successful removal. 

In order to protect against accidental staining why don't you have your carpets protected after the carpet cleaner has cleaned them?  This can cost as little as 30p per square foot.  See Stain Protector section for more info.  In addition for carpet cleaning Chelsea and neighbouring boroughs call today.



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