Carpet Cleaning in London.  Independent carpet cleaning service offering eco-friendly cleaning to domestic and commercial customers.

There are many ways to clean a carpet.  However it is generally agreed, amoung carpet cleaning professionals, that the HWE method(hot water extraction) is the most thorough way to deep clean domestic carpets.  Some people refer to this as steam cleaning.

Of late Alba has started using environmentally friendly cleaning products for both carpet and upholstery cleaning. These cleaning solutions are called microsplitters.  Microsplitters are eco-friendly products free of detergents and bleach. One of these products is called M Power (see   One of the most significant benefits of this approach - apart from eliminating irritating detergents from your homes atmosphere - is that your carpets remain cleaner for longer.  

Why should I clean my carpets? Taking good care of your carpets can extend it's  life by years, leaving a clean, soft, and healthy living space for your family. Also, most stains and odours can be extracted during the cleaning process.

Why should I pay a professional? The do-it-yourself carpet cleaning methods are fine for tackling surface dirt and for superficial cleanings. Only professional cleaning, however, can clean your carpet reliably all the way to the base, and leave your carpet clean and sanitary.  Add to that the risk of shrinkage, colour bleed and various other problems associated with over-wetting and you'll begin to realise why it makes sense to call in a professional.  For carpet cleaning London call us today.

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